USS Darkstar Walk-Thru w/ Hints
By: Neil Manke

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*** SPOILER WARNING! *** Read no further if you don't want help/hints!

'Before the Accident'

NOTE: It is a good idea to explore all possible areas of the ship before moving on, besides seeing interesting things, later on, the more knowledge of the ship's layout that you possess the easier will you find the going. Also, I will not detail all areas and items and secrets to find, just the direct way to get through everything. This walk-thru assumes you are familiar with playing Halflife and know all the controls etc.

* Make sure you visit all recharge stations or your progess may be halted.

-After the introductory camera flyby of Darkstar you will start in your cabin aboard Darkstar. Answer the Barney [security guard] at the door. Then get your HEV suit from the wardrobe closet in your cabin. Once you are wearing your suit Barney will then open the security door for you 'if' you walk towards it. Don't forget to visit Walter in the next room before leaving the cabin area. It may well be the last time you see him:]

-Exit the upper cabin area and go down one level. Enter the door there and visit the guys. Then leave and go down 2 levels and then go through the largest of the lower 2 doors. You will end up in a tall hallway with stainless steel beams. Go through the door at the end and you will be in the Zoology area, there is a big sign stating so on the wall and a security desk on the left.

-The Zoology section consists of the entire rear upper section of Darkstar. There are six floor levels. Explore around and using the elevators work your way up to the 2nd floor [Z-2]. Once on Z-2 you will have a small set of stairs on your right. Go up them and down the hall and you will meet a scientist who walks over and looks out a window. Watch the Darkstar shuttle land and then the scientist will lead you to the Quarantine door and he will open it for you. Enter the glass booth for sterilization. The 'accident' will happen before your eyes.

'the Accident'

One of Darkstar's security officers was accidentally contaminated, likely during a recent staff expedition to collect alien species from the nearby planet. When a medic team examines him, an alien breaks out from inside his body cavity. One of the scientists in the quarantine room panics and improperly presses the incineration button of the lab, trying to kill the alien. This causes two gas tanks, carelessly left opposite the incinerator, to explode. This then causes some secondary explosions in the quarantine lab. One of these explosions blows out the window of the sterilization chamber and you are knocked out! These explosions also damage parts of the computerized security systems of the ship and releases other aliens previously locked-up all over the ship. However, as you will discover, the Darkstar was already an 'accident waiting to happen' with much of it's cargo already contaminated with alien creatures.

'After the Accident'

-You awaken after being knocked-out for a short while by the accident that transpired in the lab. Enter the lab and locate the 'Incinerator' button and test it's use. At this point, you do not have any weapons! In the hallway exiting from the lab you will find 2 zombies. Lead them back so you can eliminate them with the 'incinerator'. Then go down the hallway they were in. Follow the hall until you see the 'test chamber' sign. Head back and you will find a zombie has opened a door for you. You will need to kill him in the same manner.

-Go through the door the zombie opened and you will find a forklift in the warehouse area. Driving it is the only way to open the far warehouse door....however there are some steel drums that will explode when the forklift hits them so it may be wise to move them first to avoid possible collateral damage. Drive the forklift through the far door and you will then be in Hanger Bay 1.

'Hanger Bay 01'

-In Hanger Bay 1 you will find the crowbar and a pistol. Walk around the shuttle and it's door will open when you get close to it. Inside the shuttle's cabin, use-key the center console to gain control of the shuttle's laser, mounted just above the windshield. Use the laser to blow out the door on the top of the stair landing on your left. Then go through that door. You will find a shotgun right there. Head down the hall to your left, but slowly!, as a section of the ceiling will blow and electrify the area preventing your passage. Head back and through the door beside the door you blew out and enter the 'Observation' area.

'Observation Area'

-Here you will see an elevator switch with a slot that requires a keycard. The scientist sitting on the floor there will tell you that this particular door is the only way out! And that a Barney on a lower floor has the security card for it.

-But before leaving this area head left and visit the recharge stations and also get the items from in the crates behind the wire mesh door. Then go back and open the door to the right of the elevator. You should be overlooking the warehouse area where the forklift had been. Now that you have a crowbar you can break and collect all the items from the small crates. [Hint: There is a bonus crate in the far upper corner, if you can figure out how to get to it:] Now that you are stocked up you are ready to head down to the levels below to find the Barney with the security card. So go back to the elevator you came up in before the accident. There is a small sign on the wall by this elevator saying simply, Z-2.

'Getting the Security Card'

-Exit from the bottom of this elevator. You will see a zombie directly ahead eating a scientist. Go to the left of him [killing him and all his buddies first of course] and up the stairs and then up the other stairs and down a small hallway until you are in a small control room overlooking the area where the Houndeyes had been kept. Leap through the window and go straight along the upper rock path and then left. Be very carefull as you round the corner because a steam pipe within the artificial rock will blow. After it blows jump it and go through the lower door on your left, then go up the stairs [there is some ammo in a crate under the stairs]. At the top of the stairs you will find a recharge station. Go through the door on the recharge station wall and you will be in a larger control room overlooking the area you just came from. In a dark alcove of this room are some crates with items. Leave this room by way of the hall [not by the door you entered from] and then go right down the hall with the broken and electrified grate [there is a shotgun by the dead Barney]. Head left and down the stairs. There are a lot of monsters there. After eliminating them go right down the hall and on the first left is a flashlight on the floor and a dying Barney holding the security card you need. Get the card from him [you will hear a little beep] and listen to his message.

-Now you can head back, the same way you came, to the Observation Area on the uppermost floor level [Z-1].

Note: About the only place you may get stuck on your return is below the little control room you leaped out of onto the rock path. There is a little rock ledge there that can be hard to see. It is directly below the window and you can crouch-jump onto it and then jump into the control room.

'Back at the Observation Area'

-Now that you have the security card the elevator switch will work for you. However, the door is broken and faulty. Use the switch once and it will raise a bit, then use it again and the door will raise enough for you to squeeze under. Move fast though as the door will drop down after a few seconds and it could seriously damage you.

Note: Don't forget to visit the Observation Area recharge station again before exiting under the elevator door. There will be no coming back.

'The Now Flooded Zoology 6 Level'

-After crawling under the elevator door at the Observation Area you fall down a long elevator shaft and land in water. Zoology floor level 6 [Z-6] is now flooded! There is an Ichyosaur [big friggin fish] on your right that will attack a Barney who is treading water. It is a good idea to remain in the elevator shaft area for safety. After Ichy kills the Barney he will usually head off down one of the corridors. If not, coax him out of the tank area using yourself as bait and then duck back into the elevator shaft until he heads off down one of the halls. You have little chance of fighting Ichy in the water so you don't want to try to go the way he goes. You want to get back to the start of the Zoology area [where the large Zoology sign is] and you can get there by either going right or left. Note: Before progressing make sure to get the Egon gun that is in a display case in the office on your right. The office door is jambed but you can use your crowbar to get through the opening to the right of it.

-Now swimming out and heading the opposite way that Ichy went you will have to find your way to the aquarium room that previously held the Alien Controllers and The Bullsquid [Bullchicken?]. There is an Alien Tree in the same aquarium. In this room is a little ladder that will let you get up to Z-5.

-Collect all the items on Z-5 then find the door that the little Alien Frog is hopping around besides. Open the door and jump into the water. Note: Collect the machine gun lying on the grate before jumping into the water.

-Then go through the aquarium window opening and go right and then right again. Now you are back at the Zoology start area. A warning alarm is sounding. Find the switch for it on the desk and shut it off. Once the warning sound is off a zombie will think the coast is clear and he will exit from a floor grate immediately in front of the desk. Enter the shaft he exits from and it will lead you to the Containment Area.

'The Containment Area'

-You will enter a dark cell area. On the far right in an alcove is a ladder that will let you get up to the control room overlooking the cells. Use-key all the switches there and all the cell doors will open, and the large door at the end of the cell block. In one of the cells is a shotgun by a dead Barney. Exiting the large door go right and you will see a switch sparking away. Shoot this switch and the large door by it will open. Oh... but be carefull as there is a Big Momma Crab in this area:]

-Explore the next dark area well, there are many items about and many zombies to eliminate. After you have killed the required zombies an Alien Grunt will open another big door and enter the area. [near the scientist on a stick that the zombies were roasting on the fire] After getting past him you will see an opening on the left. Go in there... find your way to a control room. There is a recharge station there and 1 switch that shuts off a warning sound and another that opens the last large containment door so you can get to Hanger Bay 02. Go there of course!

'Hanger Bay 02 and Beyond'

-After leaving the Containment area you will go down a hall and then right and down a large freight elevator. [Hint: There is a secret item underneath this elevator.] Behind the stack of crates is a switch that will open the doors to the freezer. Enter the freezer and find your way through the kitchen and to the dining room beyond. Standing on the stairs overlooking the dining room, you must head to the far left corner where you will find a door that leads to the next area.

-after going that way, on your first left is a bathroom door. You will hear a 'hand dryer' fan blowing. Go in there, then back out again continuing same direction, bare right. You will go through a computer rooms of sorts and then a lounge area with 3 computer consoles stepping along one wall. Go past the consoles and right up to the locked door at the end. A quake will then rock the ship and some of the ceiling will fall in this area. Looking back the direction you came, go right then left and in this little room, with 4 computer consoles, you will see the ceiling has fallen in pieces that will enable you to climb them and get into the ceiling area above this area.

-Once up in the ceiling [be carefull up there as there are lots of crabs and it is dark] find your way to the duct vent that is beside a red light then break it and crawl into it and out the opposite vent.

-After jumping from the duct find and use the button in the below picture. The button will open the set of track doors. Head down the track but then you must run back up when you meet the train coming your way. After that go back down there using the train or walking, but walking is safest.

-At the bottom of the tracks is a small landing. Get on the landing and go down the short corridor running off it and you will be trapped for a few moments in a small room. After the bars open go down the hall and down a set of stairs. you will now be in a freight storage room. A bunch of zombies have laid a trap for you so be carefull. After you have dealt with them you will find a pushable crate by the 'Hanger Bay 03' door [Note: this door never opens], push the crate over to the boxes opposite the small upper observation area that overlooks the freight area. [see below pic] Then use the pushable box to get up onto the crates and leap over to the observation area. On the right is a computer console. Use the button and a large set of doors very near you will open. [Hint: Under the computer keyboard is a vent that leads to a secret room with some items.]

-Go through the large doors that opened and all the way down the set of tracks. Once down there part of the roof will cave in so be carefull because it will damage you if you are directly under it.

-Get the items from around the crashed track train. Then go through the hole in the wall created by the collapsing roof. On your left is a large fan. On your right is a button to turn the fan off, so do so. Then on the immediate lower right dark area by the fan is a vent you can break and crawl through. This duct passage will take you to the 'Gravity Generator' room.

'The Gravity Generator'

-Once in the Gravity Generator room, jump and work your way to the uppermost level. A consequence of the Generator's operation is that there is a very low gravity field in it's immediate area so you can jump quite high.

-On the upper level is an observation room with an Alien grunt standing behind a window. Break the window and get into that room. Leave through the door and go down a couple stairs then left and down a very long hall. At the end of the hall go left and you will come to the computer console overlooking the train landing where you initially entered this entire area. Push the button on the console and a track train will come after a bit and the doors will open. Go through the doors and you will then be in the large Fusion Reactor room.

'The Fusion Reactor Area and Beyond!'

-Note: If you happen to fall off the track in this area, there is a ladder from the forcefield floor back up to track level on the lower right of the lowest door.

-Go down the tracks and through the lower doors. A couple Alien Slaves will be waiting in ambush behind a barracade, and with some rifles they got a hold of. They are in the dark but you can shoot at the light of their rifle fire or simple toss a few grenades over the barracade to eliminate the darn pests. Collect the items from the crates on the landing [need i keep saying this?] then jump over the barracade. On your right is a recharge station. After regaining your vigor go up the stairs and you will find some items in a janitor's closet. Then go back down the stairs and past the barrade and down another set of stairs.

-At the bottom of the stairs is a small lounge and 2 elevators. Use the switch for the elevator that says 'Bridge Access' and then enter it when the door opens but get out quick again as an accident will happen above you. The accident blows out the opposite door of the elevator so go through it. You will then see a 3rd elevator that says 'Escape Pods'. Go to use the button but a ship shudder will happen and the switch will blow, stopping any access to the escape pods from this location.

-Go back now to the lounge area and the same ship quake has blown the door to the 'Teleport Terminus' elevator so you can now use it. Do so and it will take you up to the Teleport Terminus.

'The Teleport Terminus'

-When you first enter the Teleport terminus area there are 4 Alien Slaves in the glass enclosed teleport station. And more are going to be teleporting in! Not to mention you need to conserve your ammo and health for areas to follow. So, the first thing you must do is get into the teleport control room at the far left. Break the window to get in and then set the teleport to 'send' rather than 'recieve'. Now no more aliens will be teleported in and so you can deal with the Alien Slaves in this area. Although a read-out in the teleport control room says to 'not use' the teleporter because it is defective, you have no choice but to chance it because you can't leave this area by any other way!

'Oh My god! Where am I?'

-The teleport sends you to a location very close to the actual teleporter control room. However, it is malfunctioning and has shrunk you to the size of a rat:] But this fortunate chance occurance will work to your benefit 'if' you can survive.

-Find your way out of the wall cavity you were teleported into. Watch out for the mousetrap! You will then be in the office of the fellow who is head of security, but it looks like he spends more time playing games than working. Make a few jumps and then climb the mop handle, jump over to the bookcase, then run along the top of it and jump onto the desk. From the desk jump onto the seat of the chair. Duck down and you will see a 'now very large' red button, use-key the button and the picture on the wall above the bulletin board will rotate revealing a hidden switch. Now jump back onto the desk, jump up on the books and then onto the top of the screen of the laptop computer. Run along the top of it and jump onto the file cabinet and from there onto the top rim of the bulletin board's frame. Go along it and use the switch that was revealed when the picture rotated. The switch will open the office door but for only so long. So get through the door in a fast manner and don't forget a jump from this height in your current shrunken state will seriously hurt you, so you must run back and get down by way of smaller jumps.

-Once through the door you are in a small room with one of the ship's main computers occupying one wall. Behind the yellow Zappem Rats Trap is a hole in a screen which you should go in.

-Once inside the computer your goal is to work your way to the far upper corner from where you entered. To do this go past the fan and you will find 2 grills that you can use as a ladder [watch out for the electrical bolts]. Climb the tallest one as far as you can and then jump onto the semi-clear platform. From this level jump to the top of the fan housing and then go past it and you will find another grill you can climb to the next level. Now find your way to the far corner. There you will find the last grill you can climb and it will take you to a little alcove. Destroy the security module and the fusion reactor will power up!

NOTE: Several sections of the ship are controlled by this main computer, including the ship's fusion reactor. The player needs to activate the reactor in order to generate a low gravity field in the reactor's chamber, which will let him access the higher train rail in the reactor room. But the problem is that the player does not have the security access level that would let him operate this reactor. So the only solution is to override the computer security restrictions, the way to do it is to get inside the computer and destroy the computer security module. When this is done, the previously blocked computer operations will be automatically started, including the main reactor activation.

-Now go back the same way you entered and when you get to the small room with the Zappem Rats Trap, you will see the wacky teleport system luckily now has a teleport send energy ball in that room. Jump up and enter it and you will be teleported back to your normal shape!

-Find your way to the observation room overlooking the the now powered-up reactor. Use the recharge station and then an Alien Controller will shoot out the observation window for you. Leap out! The room is now very low gravity because of the powered-up reactor. It may take a bit of practice, but it is a lot of fun, so figure out some jumps to get onto the highest tracktrain track. Then go up the track and an Alien Grunt will open the upper door. After getting rid of him get onto the tracktrain and drive it down the rail and it will open the lower door on that rail. Now you can enter the Research Labs section.

Note: There are a couple secret items on the ledge above the reactor observation window and it is indeed possible to jump up there, but a bit tricky.

'Research Labs'

-Go down the stairs to the right and then go down the hall on the right. Enter Lab 01. Climb the ladder on the right and collect some items from the upper area there then go back down and use the recharge station. A Bullsquid will then leap through the glass blocks. Go through there and down a long glass hall that runs along on the exterior of the ship. If you watch the elevator shaft out there you will see Walter Bennett making his escape. At the end of the hall go down and through the door around the right corner. Then move up to the window and you will see an Alien Slave who xrays a scientist to death. Then move over to the other door and another shipquake will occur. Go to the far door past the vending machines [on your right] and after a bit an Alien Grunt will break through the vending machines. Go into the area behind the former vending machines and out the duct on the left. Wind your way through a couple labs and then to the end of a long narrow storage area. Go through the door and straight towards the glass blocks and then go left and up the stairs. You will now find yourself back exactly where you entered this section. But be carefull as the long duct above you head is going to fall as the result of another shipquake.

-After the duct falls enter it. You will eventually end up in a tall, red, shiny metal chamber. Break out the floor grill over the large fan, then standing on the hub of the fan shoot the control panel below. The fan will start and if you jump it will blow you up towards the ceiling. Get through the uppermost grate. Hint: There is a secret item behind one grate in this round chamber.

'Back To Your Cabin Area'

-After the grate you will enter a duct system. Follow it and you will eventually be blown into a room with a strange sounding large air filtration system with a blue grill. Enter the opening directly facing the duct opening you entered by. Climb the ladder and exit through a vent cover on your right. You are now in the hall that joins Zoology with the Cabin area. Find the ladder alongside the stainless steel girder and climb it and then climb the next ladder that goes up. Break the vent and go in the small room and break the far vent and jump out onto the pile of rubble below. Then jump down on the upper side and go up to the cabin area where you first started Darkstar. Search the cabins and get the message from the dying Barney by the door to the exterior glass walkway. Barney will tell you that the keycard for the door is hidden somewhere in the captain's quarters. Go back to the pile of rubble and jump over it and squeeze through onto the lower side. Enter the room there and collect items. Some rooms that were closed before are now open. Then leave and go down another level and you can enter the Captain's Quarters.

-In the Captain's Quarters you arrive just as they are killing the poor guy in his own bathroom:[ Deal with the Slaves and then break apart the books on the bookshelf and you will find a switch that opens a door to a small secret room where the captain hid the security card. The hidden door is on the back wall of the storage room opposite the bathroom. Get the security card.

-Head out and into the hall and down. Go left and visit the recharge station. Then go back and into the large hall with the stainless steel girders and get back to the upper cabins and use the card to open the doors to the glass exterior walkway. After you enter the glass walkway the engines will sputter because of the deteriorating status of the ship's systems. Once they resume normal operation you will be able to enter the door to the Bridge Tower.

'The Bridge Tower and Escape'

-When first inside the bridge tower you will be confronted by the bridge elevator's shaft. You can easily jump across the shaft, but there are some pieces of glass remaining on the other side that will stop your jump if you don't shoot them apart first. After jumping across look to your right and you will see a room full of items. To get them head straight past the ammo door and you will see a switch on the wall that will turn on a set of energy stairs. Go up them and you will find a metal plate above the ammo room that you can break to get inside.

-Leaving the ammo room look to the left and you will see a sign saying 'Navigation Planetarium'. Head in there and wind your way around the stairs until you can look down and in a little alcove right beside the stairs you will see a blue light. [Hint: If you continue up the stairs you will find some items] Jump down by the blue light and break the vent cover and go into the small area below the Planetarium. Find your way to a tall ladder then go all the way to the top and enter the duct on your left. Crawl down the duct and go up the first spot you can and through another vent cover.

-Now you are on the top level of the bridge. Find your way to the forward bridge and you will see a switch that says 'Rocket Room Door' [Hint: There are some items on the ledge overlooking the forward bridge room, use the center computer console as a jump platform to get there]. Use the 'Rocket Room Door' switch then run back the way you came until you come to the 'Rocket Control Room', then use the switch there that shuts off the rockets. Once the ship's propulsion is permanently turned off (i.e. all rockets are shut off), the ship becomes unstable and eventually will start to fall towards the planet below. Because of this, the emergency system of the ship automatically activates and enables access to the escape routes to evacuate the ship. Now the access hatch to the escape pods will open. Head back and take the escape pod elevator down to the escape pods. Two pods have left and one is non-functioning. But Escape Pod 4 is working so find it's switch and it's door will open. Enter the pod all the way and the game will enter a small end sequence.