"UNDERWORLD BLOODLINE" - A Half-Life Teamplayer Mod Underworld Bloodline

Version 2.0 NOW AVAILABLE!

Based on Sony Picture's "Underworld" movie!

Produced by: Big Spaceship  Black Widow Games

Coding & Game Design: Einar Saukas
Level & Game Design: Neil Manke
Modeling: Sebastian Croon
Model Animations: Will Sherriff
Textures: Big Spaceship Marc Schröder
Custom Sounds: Magnus Jansén
Final Art: Big Spaceship
Linux Compiler: Ulix Mello
Testing: [TiC] Clan  DeadCell  Halflife-Mods.com

* Some animations based on Gooseman's work for Counter-Strike
* Some materials appearing courtesy of PC Gamer magazine

Thanks to Valve for their support!

Download the Underworld Mod from the Official Underworld Site

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What are the review sites saying about the "Underworld" mod?

"For a mod that only took about two months to create, the amount of new content in Underworld Bloodline is impressive indeed. There are two teams: Vampires and Lycans (werewolves), and the gameplay describes itself as Capture the Flag with a, "live target instead of a flag"."   PlanetHalf-Life Mod of the Week

"A mod this fun, you can’t go wrong. I came across this mod the day it came out. I checked out the shots, and wow! What can I say? It looked amazing!"   Halflife-Mods Featured Bi_Monthly Mod

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Underworld Bloodline Trailer

Windows Media:


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Bloodline Clans


Lycan Hideout

Immortal Souls


Clan Vampires

Pie Clan


The Underworld Masters

-=V=- Clan

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