PC Gamer Online Presents:

"THEY HUNGER 2 - Rest in Pieces"

3D Level Designer: Neil Manke

A Big THANKS to the Hungry Helpers! :
Coding/Design/Technical: Einar Saukas
Sound Producer: Magnus JansÚn
Skins/Models: Jack Cooper
Main Tester: Paul Taylor
Additional Help: Dave Waters

They Hunger @ Fileplanet

Graphic By: Eric Sutton


* Make sure you have Half-Life version, or later. The Half-Life patch should be available on the PC Gamer CD.

* Delete your previous version of They Hunger 1 to avoid problems.

* Install TheyHunger21.exe, available on the PC Gamer CD.

* Install the THEY HUNGER BONUS PATCH Version 2.3.
NOTE: If you downloaded They Hunger from Daily Radar you already have version 2.3 and you do NOT need to install this patch. If you are unsure of which TH version you have ...the version number is listed in Halflife's Custom Game menu beside the They Hunger name.

* Problems/Tech Help? Please see They Hunger FAQs.



* They Hunger 2 will be on the September 'American' PC Gamer magazine's CD. Foreign issues of PC Gamer likely won't have TH2 until the October issues, or later. I advise those who can afford it to buy the mag, besides the free download not being available for many weeks after the mag, the filesize of TH2 is considerable.

* Some gamers have already questioned us about the perplexing ending to They Hunger 2. Does it mean the end of They Hunger series? We prefer to answer this question with a definitive MAYBE. Meaning, the final scene of They Hunger 2 is ambiguous on purpose. Right now, we can't confirm yet if there will be another episode. But if we have a chance later to create this sequence, nobody will be able to guess what we have planned:]

* Gooseman (aka Minh Le), the project leader of Counter-Strike has created a new weapon especially for They Hunger 2. We won't tell you what the weapon is, but anyone that's ever seen Gooseman's work will recognize his style. And, for those of you who have been hiding under a rock for the past year, Counter-Strike is a free multiplayer mod for Half-Life that is played more on the Internet than Quake 3 or even Unreal Tournament!

* You may recognize some of the textures in the screenshots as they are from the Counter-Strike BackAlley map created by Barking Dog ...they have graciously allowed me to use them:] Most all the rest of the textures are mine which I, begrudgingly, allowed myself to use:]


If you'd like to see more PC Gamer sponsored levels please contact Jim Preston, PC Gamer Disc Editor, and let him know. Please DO NOT contact me! Note: Jim is a busy guy and will not necessarily reply to your emails but he will surely read them.



There are also additional They Hunger 2 screenshots available at the following sites; Hornetking  Hanger 16  Riva3D  GA Source