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"THEY HUNGER: Add-On Mapping Info"

Graphic By: Eric Sutton


They Hunger 3 includes the full FGD file that you can use to create your own maps for the They Hunger series. It means that your map can use all the new weapons, monsters and textures from our project. Just remember that you must put your new map inside the HUNGER\MAPS folder. (You are NOT supposed to copy the original They Hunger material somewhere else or compile our textures into your map!)

Do you want some help to promote your DM map or SP episode for They Hunger? Let us know! We will be glad to publish information about your work on this site.

If you have any technical questions about mapping for They Hunger, please email Einar Saukas.


"Help Wanted" Dec. 05, 2004:

A small gaming group called Dustbin Entertainment is working on an "unofficial" THEY HUNGER MOD. Its a detective story set in the 1930's, with zombies in it. Like the maltese falcon directed by Goerge Romero. The working title is "Damned Souls - Coup Padre". If anybody wants to help out in anyway, send a message to: [email protected].


User-Created They Hunger SP maps:

They Hunger: Mini Hospital - by Edgar.

Lab of Horrors - by Jordan Miller.

They Hunger: Escape - by Gua.

They Hunger: Route666 Demo - by MadMapper.

User-Created TH DM maps:

Dark Rock, Adam Brown's first real map and it's for They Hunger.

Morlam has created a new DM map for TH2 called TH_Chapel.

Chris Deion "6T-Gunner" has created two DM maps for TH3:

Nathan Goulden has created a DM map for TH3:

Please email me, Neil Manke, if you have a TH map you would like added here.