Brace yourself for a new dimension in quake level styles!!!! Neil has just crossed the line with a totally new concept in Quake levels by making this outstanding space level. There are a lot of surprises in store for you with new skins, and a stunning low gravity room that will really impress you. I found this map to be the most thrilling Quake map I have played to date (yes.. including all the level packs and the regular levels) ! You will be awed by all of the stunning architecture and new textures used to produce this Killer Map. I was thoroughly slaughtered countless times playing this level because of the brilliant monster placement and cunning design of this level. The author has done an outstanding job of making you feel as if you really were on a starship from the very beginning, when you are locked up in the brig trying to figure out how to get out, to the thrilling conclusion (which is awesome in itself and demands more then just the mention I give here). If you are looking for a truly unique experience and challenge in a single player Quake level, look no farther because this is the level you have all been looking for. Get it today or miss out on the best quake level to date! - A WORLD OF QUAKE

1,550K  08/22/97