"Female Player Model for Counter-Strike"

"Please do not mail me and ask me if i want to join your mod, if i want to join a mod I will ask for it! And dont mail me telling me that my weapons are not right handed because I already know that =) I'll fix it when I get time. I'm pretty busy right now and all these kinda mails will just delay the release of right-handed models ! And dont ask me where to get the model if the DL link doesn't work, you'll just have to search for it on the other like OCSS UNBC etc. etc."  -  SPAWN

Check out the Swedish site Spawn works for ... JOYGAMER

Converted by: SPAWN

Skin by: Gooseman

Modeller: Kris Hauser

Download Her!

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"Replacement Weapon Models for Counter-Strike"

Models and Skins by: SPAWN

Animations by: Gooseman

Download - HK G36

Download - HK PDW

Download - M16 M203

Download - M82A1 Barrett