In the summer of 1988, Matt Shepherd led an elite commando team on a top-secret mission to a classified location in South America. Intelligence had it that an unscrupulous group of genetic scientists were tampering with the very laws of nature in an effort to provide rebel forces with a deadly bio-weapon. Shepherd's orders were simple: scope out the facility, determine the nature of the threat, and, if necessary, reduce it to rubble. In the end, Shepherd was the only man to return alive. His story was incredible, unbelievable... unspeakable...until now.

When Shepherd made it back and told his commanding officers what he had seen, they were unfazed. He later learned that, soon after his escape, government agents landed in the area and collected all remaining documents, experiments and the bizarrely twisted corpses of the creatures Shepherd had destroyed. He was never asked to file a report, he was never even questioned -- it was almost as if the mission had never happened.

He now only relives the experience in his nightmares...

Part 1- 2,300K  10/26/97
Part 2- 1,300 K  11/11/97

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