"Deep space in orbit around a binary star system"


Command has captured a small Strogg supply shuttle. The shuttle was on automatic pilot destined for a undeciverably coded unknown destination in deep space? Captured Strogg strongholds have not yeilded clues to the whereabouts of hundreds of missing POWs... could this be a lead? What are the Strogg up to? What is this supply shuttle destined to rondezvous with?

They assign you!....the highly decorated and valient Lieutenant Eddie Armadillo to this 'clandestine' mission. The supplies are removed from the supply shuttle and you are put in their is released on it's way....your on your own!


Slaughtership was released with instructions for running from a command line in a Q2 shortcut box. However, many people have problems doing so, so here is an alternate method using bat files that is easier:] Download Slaughtership .bat files.