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"Back from the Grave!" Feb. 05, 2005

The "They Hunger: Source" idea is back from the grave. Valve has been in contact with us and they support the idea of TH:S. This was an important first step towards making this a viable project, but we still have to work out many other factors. We will keep you informed of any significant developments.

"They Hunger for Source?" Jan. 05, 2005

We have not received a reply to our inquiry to Valve concerning remaking "They Hunger" using the HL2/Source engine. So, at least for the time being, we don't know IF we'll be doing a HL2/Source project.

"Half-Life 2" Nov. 14, 2004

With Half-Life 2's release now imminent, I have been receiving a lot of mail asking whether Black Widow Games will be doing a game project using Valve's Source engine. The answer is, "we'd love to, and it's something we'll be seriously considering". Hopefully, we'll be posting some good news in the near future concerning this matter the meantime have fun playing HL2!

"Far Cry" Jan. 24, 2004

I don't get into reviewing or previewing games here, but just recently I had the pleasure of playing the Far Cry SP demo and I was extremely impressed. This is a drop-dead gorgeous game with a well-implimented non-linear gameplay. If for some reason you haven't heard of it yet then I suggest you give the demo a try and see what you think.

"Maintaining Holding Pattern!" Nov. 08, 2003

The mood is high here at Black Widow Games, we are holding our breath waiting for the next generation of game engines to be released (especially Far Cry, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Half-Life 2, Painkiller and Doom III) before we start working on our next gaming project. There is no reason for us to consider yet another Half-Life project when Half-Life 2 is looming on the horizon.

"Underworld Bloodline 2.0 Review!" Sept. 18, 2003 has released the first (known) Underworld Bloodline Version 2.0 review. Check it out HERE.

"Underworld Bloodline 2.0 Released!" Sept. 16, 2003

Underworld Bloodline Version 2.0 has been released. This release contains 2 new maps and a very cool new Black Widow spider weapon and assorted minor improvements. You can grab it from the official Sony Underworld site.

For more info and some screenshots please check out our Underworld Bloodline page.

"Underworld Bloodline 2.0 Screens!" Sept. 12, 2003 has 4 screenshots of the new Underworld Bloodline 2.0 available for viewing!


On Sept. 15 we will be releasing "Underworld Bloodline 2.0". Besides a couple new exclusive weapons and some gameplay adjusts, the upcoming release of Underworld Bloodline 2.0 also incorporates new rule variations. The new release includes two new official maps, each one introducing a different gameplay style to Bloodline:

UW_FACTORY (assault style): The Vampires have imprisoned the Hybrid deep within a large factory complex. The Lycans must penetrate the Vampires defenses in order to find the Hybrid and help him escape. There are multiple objectives that must be conquered progressively before reaching the final escape area.

UW_FORTRESS (fortress style): A classic CTF style, the goal for each team is to rescue the hybrid from the enemy's fortress tower and bring him back to your own base. This map was adapted from the acclaimed TFC map "Vidars Nifleim 2" and converted into a darker, more sinister look, set at late twilight in an icy mountain setting.

"SoBig Virus" Aug. 24, 2003

Note: I've had to change my email address because I was recieving upwards of 50 megs/day of virus generated email from people infected with the [email protected] virus. You can now reach me HERE. -Neil

"" Aug. 12, 2003

"Underworld Bloodline" is the Featured Bi-Monthly Mod at Also included is an interview with Einar and myself and a 2D map of "uw_train", check it out HERE.

"Underworld Bloodline Trailer" Aug. 05, 2003

A very cool Underworld Bloodline Trailer has been released. Check out our Bloodline page for a list of movie options.

" Interview" Aug. 03, 2003

There is an interview with Einar and myself at

"UW_City 2D Map" Aug. 01, 2003

PlanetHalfLife has posted a 2D map I did of the "Underworld Bloodline" UW_City map. So if you are getting lost or just want to get a bird's eye view grab it HERE.

"PHL Mod of the Week" July 30, 2003

"Underworld Bloodline" is PlanetHalf-Life's "Mod of the Week". Included in their article are many playing tips and several new screenshots. Check it out HERE!

Mod Database has posted an Underworld Bloodline orientated interview with me.

"Underworld Bloodline Interview at HomeLan Fed" July 26, 2003

HomeLan Fed has the first "Underworld Bloodline" interview. They talked with the fellows at Big Spaceship and with Einar and myself. Check it out HERE! There are several other Underworld interviews coming soon to other sites.

"Underworld Bloodline is Now Available" July 23, 2003

Sony Pictures has now made the "Underworld Bloodline" Half-Life team multiplayer mod available. Get it HERE.

"Secret Mod News" July 23, 2003

HomeLan Fed has the first bit of information concerning the "Underworld Bloodline" mod we worked on ...look HERE.

"They Hunger Co-Op Project is Alive!" June 24, 2003

The Sven Co-Op site has been updated. Included is a taste of info on their They Hunger Co-Op project.

"Half-Life Multiplayer Mod" June 18, 2003

Development on the secret HL MP mod is now finished, but we are now waiting for an ESRB rating for it. This means release is probably about 3 weeks away. Please don't write me and ask why it needs an ESRB rating because I am not sure myself.

"HomeLan Fed Article: Half-Life 2 Mod Opinions" May. 31, 2003

HomeLan Fed has posted opinions from a few high-profile Half-Life mod makers (and me) about Half-Life 2 and whether or not they will make mods based on Valve Software's first person shooter sequel. Check it out here.

"Half-Life Multiplayer Mod" Mar. 21, 2003

Einar and I are in the process of creating a one map HL mp mod based on a yet to be released movie. We can't release any details on it at this time, but we will when we can. After this project, I will be getting back to learning "Unreal Tournament 2003" editing and modeling.

"The Shape of Mods to Come" Dec. 11, 2002

If you're interested, Gamespy has an article about "The Shape of Mods to Come" that features many quotes from little old me.

My learning of the new Unreal editor and engine is coming along slow, but well. What will come of it all? ...I don't know yet.

Oops, almost forgot ...I wish you all a good Christmas!

"Unreal" Oct. 29, 2002

For numerous reasons I have decided it would not be prudent to develop a mod for Battlefield 1942. Instead, I plan on spending the next while learning the new Unreal editor. I will keep you informed of any developments.

"A Great Honour!" Oct. 10, 2002

With Halloween approaching, the November Issue (pg. 102) of PC Gamer magazine has named "They Hunger" as one of the "10 Scariest PC Games Ever...".  However, I'm unsure if I like the part where they call me and my "hungry helpers" equally scary. LOL

"Dave Waters is Alive!" Oct. 02, 2002

It's been a long while since my good buddy Dave Waters did any level design for Half-Life. However, he's making a comeback with a bunch of new content. He's updated 3DConstruction with a 6 pack of maps for Half-Life DMC, one dm map for Opposing Force, and he's also finishing work on an installer for "Intolerable Threat" for Opposing Force. "Intolerable Threat" for those who don't know about it, is an Opposing Force single player episode sponsored by Hangar 16, and it's virtually finished. Probable release is this weekend, if things go ok.

"Battlefield 1942 is Running!" Sept. 20, 2002

Good news, after much tweaking and reinstalling my OS I can now run Battlefield 1942. It still locks-up on me every 10 or 15 minutes, but after several seconds it recovers and I can continue to play it's manageable:] Therefore, I am back to investigating the feasibility of creating a mod for it. I will let you know of any signifigant progress.

"I've Been Shot Down ...Battlefield 1942" Sept. 18, 2002

Unfortunately, after many days of tweaking I'm still unable to properly run the retail version of Battlefield 1942, so any plans to make a mod for it are irrelevant at this time. Electronic Arts support has been very helpful in assisting my search for the source of the problem. I'm fairly sure the problem is on my end system is rather dated:]

"Uncle Sam Wants Me!" ...Battlefield 1942 Sept. 4, 2002

Lately I have been playing the Battlefield 1942 mp demo and I find it a thoroughly engrossing game:] So I am seriously considering doing a BF 1942 mod for PC Gamer. However, I am unsure at this time if the developer DICE intends to support a mod community. I will keep you informed if anything develops.

Also, I would like to thank all of you who visit this humble site as we have well passed 1,000,000 hits ...aWesOme!

Sven Co-Op "They Hunger Edition" June 27, 2002

Although an official statement has yet to be released, Sven Co-Op have announced that they have been working on a project to bring the popular "They Hunger" series to the Co-Op world! This project will entail the creation of a cooperative version of all three They Hunger episodes.

The Sven team have started up a new They Hunger Co-Op Forum for any of you who wish to check it out!

"What's Going On?" June 17, 2002

I have a decent start on a small "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" add-on map set, but I don't know if I will finish it. Instead, for the time being, I will be concentrating on finding a job. It has been an interesting, fun-filled holiday making mods for all you guys and I would love to be able to continue at it, but the cruel reality of it is that it simply doesn't pay the bills.

A big thanks to all our loyal supporters who've written us with so many emails, with so much praise, over the last couple years (plus:) ...all your letters were warmly appreciated! Also, another great big thanks to the awesome guys at PC Gamer, without their financial assistance I wouldn't have been able to create "U.S.S. Darkstar" and the "They Hunger" series!

NOTE: With the latest Half-Life patch there should no longer be any problem with skys not displaying. Thus, only if you are running will you need the below patch.

"HL" Apr. 27, 2002

Valve made a wee mistake in patch HL Now HL sometimes can't read the sky files from inside a PAK file. This change caused problems with most HL mods including TH3.

Einar has prepared a TH3 patch that fixes this problem. This patch should also fix the skys in TH deathmatch maps. You can get it here. Scroll down the page for the public servers.

"Manke Madness" Mar. 22, 2002

My buddy, Jim Preston, at PC Gamer just informed me that they are putting together a complete collection of all my single-player Quake 1, Quake 2 and Half-Life levels. So it would include "They Hunger 1 - 3" plus everything that came before, right down to my baby pictures. Also included will be the several excellent TH DM maps by Dave Waters and Toni Hiltunen. All this gaming madness will be on the June PC Gamer's CD.

"Quake 1 Levels" Mar. 15, 2002

I now have working links for all of my Quake 1 levels. Thanks to Megazoid at Quake Terminus for supplying them to me.

"PlanetFortress LOTW" Jan. 12, 2002

Vidar's Niflheim 2, a remake of my one and only TFC map, Vidar's Niflheim, is PlanetFortress's Level of the Week.

"Poke 646" Dec. 22, 2001

The excellent Poke 646 single player mod is now available [screenshot below]! As you can see, They Hunger 4 is playing in the Apollo theatre, Nation City ...which is about as close as anyone will ever get to seeing They Hunger 4.

TH4 is Playing!

"Happy Christmas!" Nov. 29, 2001

Happy Christmas Everyone, I hope you all have a good holiday!

Still no gaming news around here, but maybe in the new year? In the meantime here is a follow-up picture showing my building project to date and, as you can see, winter has now arrived. It snowed all day after I took this pic.


"Why No Updates?" Oct. 07, 2001

I have been getting a few emails asking why no updates to this site and whether we are working on a mod. The lack of updates is because I have no substantial gaming news, we are not currently working on a mod. In fact, I am busy adding on to my house to create a duplex. Perhaps this winter, after the building is complete, I/we will start another mod. However, I do not yet know what game it will be for.

Below is a pic of me taken a couple weeks ago; I am proud to say I no longer have lily soft hands and my computer gut is gone:]

Someone working

"New Interview at Playzone" Aug. 21, 2001

The Dutch site Playzone has a new interview with me ...well actually it is an old interview that they just got around to posting, but it is all still relevent. Scroll down the page to see an English version, my Dutch isn't very good anyway:]

"Michael Fitzpatrick" Aug. 05, 2001

Michael Fitzpatrick, the author of "They Hunger: A Survivor's Tale" has just completed an excellent new story entitled "The Man, The Mountain, and The Storm". Check it out here. Of particular interest, Michael has informed me he plans on starting a USS Darkstar 2 novella soon.

"TH3 Abandoned Factory is Here!" July 09, 2001

Toni Hiltunen’s official They Hunger 3 deathmatch map, Abandoned Factory is now available for download. This new map includes all the new weapons from They Hunger 3 in a perfect Deathmatch environment. Try it yourself! The map is available for download here. Thanks to Toni for all the hard work he put into this level:]

TH Abandoned Factory

NOTE: You will need "They Hunger 3" installed to play.

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"BarrysWorld Reviews They Hunger 3" June 30, 2001

BarrysWorld has reviewed TH3, check it out here.

"Upgrade They Hunger 2 to They Hunger 3" June 23, 2001

For those of you who alreday have They Hunger 2 there is now a smaller download available that will upgrade it to They Hunger 3, get it here.

"They Hunger 3 Is Now Available For Download!" June 20, 2001

Ta Da! They Hunger 3 is now available from fileplanet. If you have any problems running it there is a TH FAQ page that covers all known problems. If you get lost there is a Walkthrough page here. Have Fun!

"The Snarkpit Reviews TH3" June 14, 2001

The Snarkpit just reviewed They Hunger 3 giving it a cool 9/10, check it out here.

"Writer's Block Interview" June 06, 2001

Chris Adams from the Writer's Block interviews me.

"They Hunger 3 Walkthrough" June 05, 2001

Jerry Lee [a.k.a. Molded Guppy] has kindly done up a full Walkthrough for They Hunger 3. Get it here.

"They Hunger 3 Deathmatch for LINUX Released!" June 05, 2001

The Linux version of They Hunger 3 Multiplayer server is now available from fileplanet.

Right now it just supports Half-Life standard Deathmatch and Teamplay, but stay tuned. Other game modes will be coming soon!

IMPORTANT: They Hunger 3 Multiplayer Linux is intended for game server administrators only! You don't need this file to play They Hunger MP on your own Windows machine.

"The Armchair Empire Reviews They Hunger 3" June 03, 2001

 The ArmchairEmpire has posted a review of They Hunger 3.

Also, if you would like to learn about the fate of the known universe there is a new interview with me at Planet Half-Life.

"MODXTREME Reviews They Hunger 3" May 28, 2001

 ModXtreme has posted a review of They Hunger 3.

"You Are What I Eat" May 17, 2001

 The They Hunger theme song masterpiece, "You Are What I Eat", is now available in high-quality mp3 format ...get it here. I guarantee that you will enjoy it:] A big thanks to Bennett Malbon and David Obrecht for creating this fantastic song.

"Jed Grills Neil" May 05, 2001

 The very interesting Jed Kirchner, Level Designer! interviews me here.

"Armchair Empire Interview" May 05, 2001

 A new interview with me is at the Armchair Empire.

"The Mushroom Reviews They Hunger 3" May 04, 2001

 The 3rd known review of They Hunger 3 has rolled in at The Mushroom. By the way, for those who may not have noticed I place links for all reviews on the TH3 Blurbs page.

"Hanger16 Reviews They Hunger 3" May 02, 2001

 The second known review of They Hunger 3 has rolled in and it's a lively read, check it out here.

"Daily Radar Goes Belly-Up!" May 01, 2001

 Daily Radar has gone belly-up condolances to all the great guys who used to work there. This situation also means that now my PC Gamer levels are NOT available for download. Hopefully, within a few days we will have some sort of solution for those of you who wish to download any of them.

"They Hunger 3 Reviewed" Apr. 30, 2001

 10Four has posted the first known review of TH3.

"They Hunger 3 Hits the Streets" Apr. 29, 2001

 Appearently, people have started receiving the June issue of PC Gamer with TH3 on it. I don't have a walkthrough for TH3 yet, but if you do get stuck just email me [Neil] and I will then add your question with an answer to this help page.

"They Hunger Models Pack Released" Apr. 06, 2001

 For the first step towards our Deathmatch mod for They Hunger we are releasing this They Hunger Multiplayer Models Pack contains 10 new multiplayer models.

The Czech Journal BazOOka has an interview with me, if you don't happen to read Czech then I have an english version here. Note: I answered these interview questions a couple months ago, so some answers may not be relavent anymore.

"BLACK WIDOW Announces THEY HUNGER Multiplayer!" Apr. 01, 2001

  After completing development of They Hunger episode 3, Neil Manke and his team announce today "They Hunger Multiplayer", a new gameplay style addition for their extremely popular They Hunger series. The team expects to have their first beta release at about the same time the official They Hunger 3 hits the streets [on or about May 8th].

"It looks like everybody and their dogs are working on multiplayer mods for Half-Life", said Neil Manke, the Black Widow leader ..."So we also want to get in on the action. It's just too damn lonely on the single-player side of the fence:[".

To celebrate this decision, the team will start distributing an exclusive multiplayer models pack next Friday on Internet, all created by modeler Jack Cooper a.k.a. Corporal Wicket.

Regarding the gameplay, game designer Einar Saukas explained, "We are still discussing the concept ideas. Our best choices are either a Counter-Strike clone, or a ultra-realistic anti-terrorists teamplay style that has absolutely nothing to do with Counter-Strike. But there's still a chance we will change our minds and choose something different, like some kind of zombie hunting idea."

They Hunger combines great storytelling with intense action and advanced technology to create an impressive, fantastic world where players need to think smart to survive. Created by Neil Manke's Black Widow team, and distributed by PC Gamer magazine, They Hunger already received many enthusiastic reviews and it's widely considered the most popular single-player mod for Half-Life."

"They Hunger 3 is a Done Deal!" Mar. 26, 2001

 They Hunger 3: Rude Awakening is finally finished! It will be in the June issue of PC Gamer which hits the stands on, or about, May 8th. It will also be available for download at a later date, which will be decided by PC Gamer please don't write me inquiring about it.

"Lurker's Lair Spotlights They Hunger Deathmatch Maps" Mar. 11, 2001

 Lurker's Lair has created a Spotlight Section for Dave Water's awesome [newly released] They Hunger Deathmatch maps.

PlanetHalflife is now featuring They Hunger DM4 as "Level of the Week".

There is a new interview with me at OzHalflife.

"MODXTREME They Hunger Week Continues!" Mar. 03, 2001

 ModXtreme continues They Hunger week featuring interviews with Dave Waters, Einar Saukas and Jack Cooper. That should be a nice change instead of reading all the interviews with me ...I sort of ran out of new things to say a long time ago:]

"MODXTREME They Hunger Week!" Feb. 26, 2001

 ModXtreme has kicked-off They Hunger week with Day One.

The new review site VeNgEaNcE's House of Horrors has posted a review of our first Half-Life mod, USS Darkstar.

Note: There is a new interview with me at Stomped.

"They Hunger 3 News and an Interview" Feb. 24, 2001

 TH3 was scheduled to make the PC Gamer Cd burning end of February, but because of some last minute unforeseen problems it will have to be on the CD burning end of March. To those who have been patiently waiting ...we are very sorry about the delay.

There is a fairly big interview with me at PlanetHalfife and they've also posted a new review of my TFC map Vidar's Niflheim.

"They Hunger DM Maps" Feb. 20, 2001

 Dave Waters has released three awesome new DM maps for They Hunger. Head on over to his 3D Construction site and grab them up:]

"No One Lives Forever" Feb. 17, 2001

 I don't usually have time to play games, but lately I have been playing Monolith's No One Lives Forever and it's bloody AWESOME ...NOLF has it all! I suggest to any of you who are hungry for some top notch single player gaming, in an overwhelming array of impressive settings, to consider it. NOLF exudes the energy and professionalism of the team who materialized it. It's easily one of my most favorite games of all time.

Stay tuned for news on They Hunger 3. I should know within a week, or so, what it's release status will be.

"Vidar2" Feb. 13, 2001

 Sadly, CNET Gamecenter has closed down and my TFC map's page [Vidar's Niflheim] can't be updated. However, the download page there has been updated with a new version I did entitled, Vidar2. In this updated version, I addressed player's comments and suggestions to ensure better gameplay. You can download Vidar2 here.

"Daily Radar Interview" Feb. 03, 2001

 Daily Radar has just posted an interview with me and it includes 5 new screenshots from They Hunger 3. It mentions in the interview that we were aiming to have the TH3 beta ready for testing end of February, but I named the wrong month. We are trying to release THE FINAL VERSION at the end of February for the PC Gamer CD burning. Cross your fingers!

"Interview at Half-Life World" Jan. 22, 2001

 There is a new interview with me at Half-Life World and it includes 5 new screenshots from They Hunger 3: Rude Awakening.

"Vidar's Niflheim Review at TF2 Web" Jan. 06, 2001

 TF2 Web has just posted a review of my 1st TFC map Vidar's Niflheim, read it here. I have done another version of Vidar's Niflheim with some changes made to improve gameplay, after it has undergone some testing it will be released.

They Hunger 3 News: For those of you who have been waiting looks as if I will probably not be able to have it ready for the PC Gamer CD burning end of January but, if not, it will certainly be ready for the CD burning end of February. That would mean it would be on the May PC Gamer magazine's CD. TH3 is basically done but I am still waiting for some odds and ends, then just putting them into the maps and doing beta testing will take several weeks when dealing with so many maps [about 27].

"TH3 News & Interview at The Eclipse" Dec. 06, 2000

 They Hunger 3: Rude Awakening is about 85% complete with 20 levels done to a beta state. However, there is still a lot to do since it will be about 25 or 26 levels whereas TH1 and TH2 were 16 each.

The Eclipse has a new interview with me and it also includes 2 new screenshots from They Hunger 3.

"Interview at TF2-Web" Nov. 30, 2000

 TF2-Web has a new interview with me and it also includes 4 new screenshots from They Hunger 3.

"Pulsar Gaming" Nov. 28, 2000

 Pulsar Gaming has posted an interview with me and it includes 4 new screenshots from They Hunger 3.

"Vidar's Niflheim Released!" Nov. 15, 2000

 CNET Gamecenter has just released my TFC map Vidar's Niflheim, get it here. You can find the 1st Vidar's review at Lurker's Lair.

Lurker also has a Vidar's Server List of know servers who are currently running Vidar's. If anyone knows of any others please let me know and we can add to Lurker's List.

Turkish Gamer has an interview with me [in Turkish of course:] and a couple new screens from They Hunger 3.

"HALFLIFE Center" Nov. 04, 2000

 HALFLIFE Center has posted an interview with me and it includes a couple new screenshots from They Hunger 3.

"New Assistants" Oct. 28, 2000

 I am happy to say we have some new assistants helping us with They Hunger 3: Rude Awakening. Richard "Hollowmind" Askren is working on some new models and skins, David Obrecht is our new sound man and Marcus Guy will be doing us up some appropriately scary music. Welcome aboard guys! And, check out Marcus's New Age music here. New Age does equal 'horror' ...correct? :]

"Red Rain" Oct. 22, 2000

  For Halloween Week the Half-Life Writers Block team presents "Red Rain", a web-anthology inspired by the events of the "They Hunger" series. For the entire week, you can read the points of view from several sets of writers who are all trying to answer the same question: "What happens when a major American city becomes infected with a Zombie Plague?". Check it out here.

"Vidar's Niflheim" Oct. 13, 2000

 I have added a new page to the menu for my upcoming Team Fortress map Vidar's Niflheim, which will be presented by CNET Gamecenter.

"Klown's Korner" Oct. 05, 2000

 Klown's Korner has a new interview with me, including the first 2 They Hunger 3 screenshots I have released.

"Lurker's Lair" Sept. 26, 2000

 Lurker's Lair has posted the only 2 screenshots yet released from my TF map VIDAR's NIFLHEIM. I let Lurker get away with this because of the great help his associated [WTF?] Clan has been with the testing of Vidar's. And on the Single player front, I plan on posting a couple screens from They Hunger 3 within a week or two.

"What's Happening?" Sept. 17, 2000

  For those of you who are wondering what I have been up to lately. I am now back at work editing and I have just started They Hunger 3. I plan on doing a smaller episode this time so hopefully it won't take 5 or 6 months like each of the other episodes took.

And I have just completed a very cool TF map called VIDAR's NIFLHEIM. The [TiC] Clan, [WTF?] Clan and myself have play testing it twice and have one more test to do ...but what I will do with it, after it's polished up, I do not know yet!

Vidar - Norse God of Vengence
Niflheim - Region of Ice and Cold

If you'd like to read an extremely interesting and amusing review, check out MrBunwah's take on They Hunger2:] Here's an excerpt, "...the puzzles are infinitely better than the Resident Evil games, which admittedly isn't hard in that they don't seem to have been designed by an insane, drugged up chimpanzee in They Hunger." LOL You can read the full review over at Z-Axis.

"They Hunger 2, Download Now!" Sept. 12, 2000

 They Hunger 2 is now available for download exclusively from Daily Radar and PC Gamer. Click the Daily Radar logo above to go to the my download page there.

"They Hunger 2 Walkthrough!" Aug. 29, 2000

 After months of blood, sweat and tears, Massif from the BSP has finally completed a They Hunger 2 Walkthrough. As far as I know it is the first and only TH2 walkthrough yet! Thanks Massif!:]

"New Interview and Review" Aug. 26, 2000 has a new interview with me. I especially got a kick out of Shirow's comment, "where he {Neil} reveals - well, not a lot really" LOL. Also, the cool news site, The Mushroom has They Hunger 2: Rest In Pieces as their week's featured review.

"Halflife Boulevard Continues TH Spotlight" Aug. 15, 2000

 The new Halflife Boulevard site continues it's They Hunger spotlight week.

We still don't have a walkthrough for They Hunger 2 done but there here are a few questions and answers covering areas where people are frequently getting stuck.

"It's a Sad Day" Aug. 10, 2000

 It's a sad day:[ My loyal helper Magnus Jansén, who has been with me longer than I can remember, has a new job at the Swedish game company Insomnia Software. Besides being one of my best testers, Magnus did all the custom ambient and monsters sounds in my levels. I wish Magnus all the best at his new job, he deserves it:]

The new site Halflife Boulevard has an interview with me. Tomorrow they will be spotlighting the 2 Deathmatch maps in They Hunger 2.

"They Hunger 2 Reviews" Aug. 10, 2000

 Several They Hunger 2 reviews are now in, read some short review blurbs here or click the review sites icons to read the full reviews.

"They Hunger Bonus Patch!" July 25, 2000

 THEY HUNGER MULTIPLAYER MODELS: This material was supposed to be a patch for They Hunger 2: Rest In Pieces, but instead we decided to release it in advance as a bonus pack to celebrate our new episode. It's a full set of new multiplayer models, all created by artist Jack Cooper, the lead modeler of THEY HUNGER. The package contains 3 classical characters from They Hunger 1, and 5 more models representing some of our own team members wearing funny clothes... Just install it and have fun shooting us on the Internet! Sometime after They Hunger 2 is released we will be releasing another bonus pack for playing DM with additional new characters, including a couple of the new monsters that are in episode 2.

"Happy Birthday Hornetking!" July 25, 2000

  Happy first birthday to one of my favorite review sites, Hornetking! To help them celebrate I sent them 6 new exclusive They Hunger 2 screenshots.

"They Hunger 2 Release News" July 21, 2000

 They Hunger 2: Rest In Pieces will be on the September 'American' PC Gamer magazine's CD [hits the streets on or about August 8th, with subscribers getting it up to a week earlier]. Foreign issues of PC Gamer likely won't have TH2 until the October issues, or later.

"Hanger 16 Grand opening!" July 15, 2000

 Vnitro from the TF2 Barracks has opened up Hanger 16, a cool looking new site dedicated to HL Single Player news. To help them celebrate I gave them 4 new screens from They Hunger 2.

"Riva3D" July 12, 2000

 WooP! I am happy to announce that the Riva3D site is sponsoring me with some new hardware, including the awesome new GeForce2 video card! A big THANKS to Ross and Chuck at Riva3D:] For your information, Riva3D is primarily a nVidea based site but they also have lots of other excellent reviews and previews, so check them out now.

Also a big THANKS to Ted Anderson for the very cool new Black Widow Logos. I think I like the upper one the best but please feel free to let me know what you think of them, and which you prefer, as your opinions would help me decide which one to keep.

July 13, Update - The Riva3D site has 6 new screens from They Hunger 2: Rest In Pieces.

"GA Source" July 10, 2000

 GA Source has posted 4 new screenshots from They Hunger 2: Rest In Pieces. Bare in mind that until They Hunger 2 is released we aren't showing any screens of such things as the new monsters. Which is why most released screens are strangely devoid of monsters:]

"HornetKing's Pole" July 02, 2000

 HornetKing map review site is taking a pole on the top HalfLife SP episodes. If you haven't chanced across the HornetKing site before then consider checking them out, they are one of my favorite review sites with a large selection of reviewed HL maps.

On another note, Unknown_VariableX, one of the writers at the Writer's Block site, presents his own creative take on the They Hunger world. Read it here.

"WooP! 300,000 Hits!" June 29, 2000

 We just passed 300,000 hits...amazing! Thanks to all who for 'god knows what reasons' see fit to visit here:] And speaking of hits, feel free to offer any suggestions you may have for content that you would like to see here, email Neil.

"They Hunger 2 is Finished!" June 21, 2000

 They Hunger 2: Rest In Pieces is now done and gone! It will be on the September PC Gamer issue's CD that hits the streets on or about August 8th, with subscribers getting it up to a week earlier [Aug. 1st]. I advise those who can afford it to buy the mag, besides the free download not being available for many weeks after the mag, the filesize of TH2 is considerable.

Also of interest, Spawn has done yet another very cool Counter-Strike replacement weapon, a M82A1 Barrett. Get it here.

"They Hunger Halflife 1.1 Patch" June 19, 2000

 As promised, here is the patch [604K] for They Hunger so that it will run with the new HL code.

"Lots of Interviews" May 29, 2000

 There are recent interviews with me at Total-Reload and Z-Axis. And there is even one for all you Czechoslovakians at Doupe.

"New Daily Radar Download Page" May 3, 2000

 I am happy to announce that Daily Radar now has a single page with many of my maps available for download. Check it out here. I would also like to apologize to those who have been waiting awhile for fixed links for some of my Quake2 maps.

"They Hunger 2 Screenshots" April 15, 2000

 I have finally gotten around to posting some screens from They Hunger 2. See them here. I am quite pleased with it and I'm confident most of you are going to like it. The new monsters, sounds and coding are exceptional! Thanks to Einar Saukas, Magnus and Jack.

"Female Player Model for Counter-Strike" March 26, 2000

Here is a Female Player Model, put together by Spawn with skin by Gooseman, for use in Counter-Strike.

The excellent review site 10Four has a new home at

"CNET's Top Ten Mods" March 13, 2000

They Hunger and Darkstar made the 5th place spot in CNETs Top Ten Half-Life Mods article. It should be mentioned that They Hunger and Darkstar aren't technically mods, so the fact they were even included in the Top Ten list is very cool indeed:]

"The Hotel Swings Open It's Doors" Feb. 21, 2000

 Egor is back! For the longest time he was trapped in a cave by a bunch of hungry zombies but he has finally escaped. He attributes the escape to stragegic manuevering on his part but, undoubtably, they released him since zombies prefer to eat brains. Anyways, now that Egor is on the loose again he has updated the Quake Map Hotel with a review of They Hunger.

The Mod Reviewers, a new site worth checking out, has posted a brief interview with me.

"They Hunger Add-On Maps" Feb. 19, 2000

 Many people have contacted us interested in creating add-on maps based on They Hunger. We discussed this subject among the team and here is our decision.

"Einar Speaks!" Feb. 19, 2000

  I have updated the Interviews page with 3 recent interviews, one at the Lambda Map Complex and a couple at Gamesmania [in Portuguese]. Perplexingly, there have been no interviews done in my native Swahili tongue? Of particular interest is a couple interviews with Einar Saukas involved!

"The Mushroom and The Gooseman" Feb. 15, 2000

 There is a small 20 question type interview with me at The Mushroom, a rather interesting site worth checking out if you haven't been there before.

Gooseman (aka Minh Le), the project leader of Counter-Strike has created a new weapon especially for They Hunger - Episode 2. We won't tell you what the weapon is, but anyone that's ever seen Gooseman's work will recognize his style. And, for those of you who have been hiding under a rock for the past year, Counter-Strike is a free multiplayer mod for Half-Life that is played more on the Internet than Quake 3 or even Unreal Tournament! Thank You Gooseman!

"They Hunger Wins Showdown at the Barracks!" Feb. 11, 2000

 They Hunger won 1st place in the Single Player Showdown at the TF2 Barracks, and USS Darkstar came in 3rd:] Redemption by Phil Daniels took 2nd place and Dave Water's Mission of Mercy 6th and Freeman's Revenge 9th.

"They Hunger Now Available for Download!" Feb. 3, 2000

They Hunger is now available for download from Daily Radar.

The 2 TH themed DMs by Dave Waters and myself are also available for download from Daily Radar.

"They Hunger Walkthrough" Jan. 22, 2000

PHL's Lambda Map Complex reviewer, Andrew "Fisich" Dowellin, was kind enough to do up a full walkthrough for They Hunger. It also has a bit of info on the weapons and enemies in TH -episode 1. You'll find the walkthrough link on the They Hunger page.

"Why a Zombie Theme?" Jan. 6, 2000

There is an interview with me now at Daily RADAR. In it I discuss the reasons for They Hunger and other related things.

They Hunger Reviews and an Interview! Jan. 3, 2000 - Jan. 11, 2000

Jan. 11, 2000 - The most recent TH review is at GA-Source.
Jan. 4, 2000 - The Lambda Map Complex & Radioactive.
Jan. 3, 2000 - Ministry of Development & The TF2 Barracks.
Jan. 1, 2000 - A TH review and an interview with me at at the cool new Half-Life Construction site.
Dec. 31, 19993D Map Realm, & Ethereal Hell.
Dec. 29, 1999 - The earliest They Hunger reviews are at 10Four & HornetKings.

Be careful! Some reviews reveal a bit too much and could spoil surprises when playing TH.

Some Condensed Previous News Dec. 20, 1999

Dec. 20, 1999 - Dave Waters has released a new 'Opposing Force' DM map, get 'Night Ops' [a.k.a. OP4_dm1] here.
Nov. 25, 1999 - There is an interview with Dave Waters at HornetKing. Among other things, he talks a bit about They Hunger.
Nov. 15, 1999 - Congratulations to one of the most respected SP review sites around, 3D Map Realm, on their first anniversary! To help them celebrate I sent them 6 new They Hunger screenshots.
Oct. 22, 1999 - Phil Daniels' Maverick Developments has released a huge SP HL level set called "Redemption". Read the first, and glowing, review at 10Four.
Oct. 1, 1999 - Dave Waters has finally finished off his 2nd HL SP level set! Get "Mission of Mercy" here. If you liked Dave's Freeman's Revenge you should like this better, since it is better!:]
Sept. 30, 1999 - I stopped work on Ep 1 of TH for a couple days to do up a TH themed DM map. My buddy Dave Waters, of "Freeman's Revenge" fame, is also contributing one DM map to TH. There is a screen from each on the They Hunger page.

USS Darkstar is Now Available! July 14, 1999

You can now download USS Darkstar from PC Gamer Online, look in their Features section. USS Darkstar will appear on PC Gamer Magazine's August CD, which goes on sale early to middle July.

Darkstar is June 'Map of the Month' at RUST.

BIG GUT Gamers Sept. 18, 1998 HQ Well... since all those 2-bit game companies like Ion Storm, etc. like to post pics taken out of their penthouse offices I thought it high time to post my own pic. To the left is a snap taken out of our tent flap here at HQ. On the left side you can see our impressive comm tower with our satellite uplink [eat your heart out Stormtroopers!]. In the lower right you can see a piece of cardboard...that's so visitors [if we ever get any] wouldn't get too terribly muddy.

invisible line:]