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Interview & Article Links

For those of you who are interested, below are some interviews with Neil or, if stated, with other team members:

Gamecloud  Oct 25, 2005
An interview with Einar and Neil.

Gamecloud  July 25, 2005
A discussion with Einar and Neil.  Aug. 12, 2003
An interview with Einar and Neil.  Aug. 03, 2003
An interview with Einar and Neil.

Mod Database  July 30, 2003
An Underworld Bloodline orientated interview.

HomeLan Fed  July 26, 2003
An "Underworld Bloodline" mod interview with Einar, Neil and Big Spaceship.

HomeLan Fed  May. 31, 2003
Opinions from a few high-profile Half-Life mod makers (and me) about Half-Life 2 and whether or not they will make mods based on Valve Software's first person shooter sequel.

Gamespy  Dec. 11, 2002
"The Shape of Mods to Come" article with many quotes from Neil.

Tolstiy's Place  2002
An interview with Magnus JansÚn

Playzone  Aug. 21, 2001
Scroll down the page to see an English version.

Writer's Block  June 06, 2001

Planet Half-Life  June 03, 2001

Jed Kirchner, Level Designer!  May 14, 2001

Armchair Empire  May 05, 2001

BazOOka (Czech Journal)  Mar., 2001

Homestead  Mar. 30,2001

OzHalflife  Mar. 11,2001

ModXtreme  Mar. 05,2001

ModXtreme  Mar. 03,2001
An interview with Einar Saukas and Jack Cooper

ModXtreme  Mar. 01,2001
An interview with Dave Waters

Stomped  Feb. 26, 2001

Daily Radar  Feb. 03, 2001

Half-Life World  Jan. 22, 2001

The Eclipse  Dec. 06, 2000

TF2-Web  Nov. 30, 2000

Pulsar Gaming  Nov. 28, 2000

Turkish Gamer  Nov. 16, 2000 [in Turkish]

HALFLIFE Center  Nov. 04, 2000

Klown's Korner  Oct. 05, 2000  Aug. 26, 2000

Halflife Boulevard  Aug. 11, 2000

Doupe  May 29, 2000 [in Czechoslovakian]

Z-Axis  May 23, 2000

Total-Reload  May 22, 2000

Diario do Nordeste  March 13, 2000
An interview with Einar [in Portuguese]

HornetKings March 1, 2000
This is probably the last interview I'm going to do for awhile since I have ran out of things to say:]

The Mod Reviewers Feb. 21, 2000
Note: This interview is no longer available, The Mod Reviewers have closed.

The Lambda Map Complex Feb. 20, 2000

Gamesmania Feb. 19, 2000
An interview with Einar and Neil
NOTE: Currently this interview is in Portuguese. An English version of Neil's is here.

TheoGames Jan. 28, 2000
An interview with Einar
NOTE: This interview is currently only in Portuguese. I have asked Einar to do a translation if he has time.

The Mushroom Jan. 15, 2000

Daily RADAR Jan. 06, 2000

Half-Life Construction Dec. 31, 1999

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