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Game Design & Level Design: Neil Manke
Game Design & Coding: Einar Saukas
Game Consultant & Sound Engineer: Magnus JansÚn

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For almost a year now we've been secreted away in an underground lab (location undisclosed) developing our next game. Now the time has come to officially announce our "THEY HUNGER: LOST SOULS" project, based on Valve's Half-Life 2 Source engine. Further details and game screenshots are available now at the official "THEY HUNGER: LOST SOULS" website.

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"Help Wanted" July 22, 2005

Black Widow Games, producer of the popular Half-Life mods "They Hunger", "Underworld Bloodline" and "USS Darkstar", is looking for new modelers, animators and/or skinners to join its development team. Previous modeling experience for HL2/Source is required. If you are interested, please send your information and samples of your work to Einar Saukas.

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"OLD NEWS!" [Jan. 05, 2005 & Earlier]

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