USS Darkstar FAQ's and Tech Help

Don't see your problem covered here? Then write Neil at [email protected] with full details. But please read this page thoroughly first.

Spoiler Warning! Darkstar Walk-Thru !

NOTE: Darkstar requires Halflife version or later, i.e. one of those versions that include "Team Fortress Classic". Yo update your version of Half-Life head on over to PlanetHalflife's Files Page or use Sierra's AutoUpdate feature.

Running with STEAM: I doubt we will be creating a Steam version of Darkstar because of the mod's dated status. However, if you want to run DS with Steam the Steam site (see #5) has some info on how to run "non-Steam" mods. You could also check out this forum thread for another method. I can't say how well either method will work since I don't have Steam installed myself.


'Download Problems'

If you are having download probs it could be many things - your PC timing out, your ISP timing out etc. If you're using an FTP client you should check your settings and/or use a good download utility like Getright or Go!Zilla.

USS Darkstar is also on the PC Gamer CD August issue.


'Custom Game Menu'

Question] I just installed USS Darkstar off the PC Gamer disc (using the install feature) and I'm not getting the CUSTOM GAME option when I start up Half-Life. The subdirectories and files appear to be arranged as your readme.txt requires. Any ideas?

Answer] Darkstar requires Halflife version or later, i.e. one of those versions that include "Team Fortress Classic". You can find the official Halflife patch here or simply download the English patch directly from here. -Einar


'A Failing grade in spelling:]'

Question] i downloaded the dark star maps form PC Gamer online, and i followed the directions on loading it; put it in a folder named "dark star" parallel to the valve folder on my C drive and put a media folder ,with the darkstar icon inside, in the dark star folder. then i went to the half-life menu, clicked on "custom" game, and activated the dark star addon. then i clicked "done" and the dark star icon was there. then i clicked new game and selected my difficulty setting, and then it starts loading. but it never will load. the loading screen with the picture of the half-life guy stays on the screen indefinately. do you know how i can fix this?

Answer] If the folder is called "dark star", the game won't work. You should rename it to "darkstar", without spaces.-Einar


'ERROR: lookylue: unknown scripted sequence "lookwindow"'

Question] In the beginning at the docking bay when the scientist looks out the window, the game quits and says ERROR: lookylue: unknown scripted sequence "lookwindow"

Answer] You obviously have Blue Shift installed, Gearbox goofed up a wee bit and missed some animations for their high-res scientist that the original HL scientist had, thus BS is not fully backward compatable with everything in HL. In this case the 'lookwindow' animation. Your only option if you want to play DS is to uninstall/disable BS.  -Neil


'Box Jumper needs Training'

Question] I'm in a room with a lot of crates and a big door has a sign over it Hanger Bay 3 in red, well I moved a box over to the blue crate, I've put the box in front, to the left and to the right of the blue crate but I can not jump up on the box that I moved, in fact no matter where I move that damn box in the room and believe me I had it all over the room, I can not jump up on to that box, I've try a running jump, and a standing jump and I guess I must have tried over a hunder times, my keyboard is smoken and my fingers are wore to the bone but I can not get up on that box!

Answer] Yes you jump onto the blue machinery crate [I think that is the lowest crate?] from the pushable box. But you must do a crouch-jump move forward a bit then jump, then immediately hit the crouch key and that pulls your legs up so you can get onto things that are a bit beyond a regular jump. I thought that one needs to crouch-jump to get through the registered game? But don't feel bad, several people have had same problem:] See the Darkstar Walk-Thru for a pic on this box jumping sequence.-Neil


'Configuration Woes'

Question] I would like to know if the USS Darkstar level allows you to reconfigure the keyboard commands as the original retail version does. If so, how does one do this. I've reconfigured my keyboard commands for the retail version of the game and they work fine. When I do it for the Darkstar level it does not work. What should I do? Please help. It's a great level.

Answer] There is no good reason reconfiguring your keyboard shouldn't work in Darkstar? This may be a little bug in HL itself? Anyway, try configuring your keys in a TFC map and then, 'without' exiting HL, go to the custom game menu and start the Darkstar game. Then your configuration should be carried over to the Darkstar game successfully. -Neil


'Riva 128' [& possibly some other video cards?]

Question] I just downloaded the level, yet I am having problems running it. I go through the "custom game" procedures, however, once after the "Loading" screen apprears it take a ton of time to start to display the level... once it finally does it does it fram by frame with about 15 seconds in-between each frame. I have to finally escape out of it because I can't play it. I am currently running a Pentium 200 with 64 megs RAM and a Creative Labs nVidia Riva 128 (16 megs). I have also downloaded the lastest update from Valve and am running 1.0 1.0. Do you know what could be the problem?

Answer] I believe there is an incompatibility with Half-Life using Riva 128. This problem happens in some circunstances at the first time the game starts. The easiest solution is to start Half-Life normally and start the Hazardous Course (or a new game or even TFC). This is just to make sure the Half-Life graphical routine had started correctly and the framerate is right. Then press ESC, go to the Custom Game menu, activate Darkstar and start a new game.-Einar


'Can't Get dll API'

Question] Followed instructions. When opening Custom Game, Darkstar does not appear. However, if I select Activate, PCGamer USS Darkstar appears across the top of the page. When I select new gameI get the error message "Can't Get dll API". Reinstalled HL with same results. My HL is updated to Other maps still work. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Answer] My guess is that you moved all the files into the "media" folder. Only "logo.avi" should be there, everything else should stay on "darkstar". There is a diagram of directories and files in the "How to Run" section of the text file. Take a look at it and check if you really did everything correctly.-Einar


'Hard Drive Space'

Question] prob: ...then when I go through the door and down the hallway where it stops to load the next map/section I drop to the console see some messages about loading from ....\darkstar\save\zoology.hl1 etc. and then ERROR: could not open, then 2 lines, invalid char: w and invalid char: I tried twice reinstalled as per the text file, everything else works fine with my HL. I play TF2 all of the time. I'm at version

Answer] It looks like you don't have enough 'actual' free space available on your hard-disk. I recommend at least 200Mb of free disk space to avoid any problems like this. Try also to delete the "save" sub-directory inside the "darkstar" directory may help. Or if you are going to try to install it again first make sure you deleted the entire "darkstar" directory (just don't delete "") before reinstalling it. -Einar


'Authentic CD Required'

Question] The game begins to load ... but then ... I get a message to insert the Half-Life CD. Of course it's already in the tray. Even if I remove and reinsert after three tries the game shuts down with a message, "Unable to Verify Half-Life CD". I have no problem playing the game TFC or the Xeno custom game. Only Dark Star presents this problem. Is this a known bug (hopefully w/ workaround) or am I just very unlucky? BTW ... I'm running version

Answer] I am sorry but there is nothing wrong about Darkstar that we could fix for you. I can only suggest to try some different combinations and see if any of them help.

a] Make sure you are using the original Half-Life CD and not a backup and that the protection code is correct (Half-Life,has a very rigorous authentication mechanism).
b] Try patch instead of
c]Check if you have enough free disk space available, I would recommend at least 200Mb.
d] Try using both OpenGL mode and Direct3D modes, maybe one of them works.
e] Uninstall and reinstall Half-Life again. -Einar


'If All Else Fails'

If everything else fails and you don't know how to solve your problem, before asking for help please try to get some additional information to help identifying your problem. When you installed the new Half-Life patch, the installer should have created a "Team Fortress Classic" icon in your desktop. So you can do this: when the instructions say "Now start HL normally", instead of double-clicking in the Half-Life icon in your desktop, you should double-click in the "Team Fortress Classic" icon. Then Half-Life will start showing the Team Fortress Classic logo but that's fine, just ignore this. Now from the main menu, click on "Custom game" and activate Darkstar, following the rest of the instructions as before. The difference is that, this time, if something goes wrong, there will be an error message in the screen that should give some clues to explain what is wrong.