As with all of Neil's great levels, he has put in a lot of details, wonderful architecture, new textures, and even a few surprise new sounds in this Killer Map. The whole ambience of this level will make you feel as if you really are there in the thick of battle. The combat situations are outstanding and he has a great knack for keen monster placement. I was surprised more than once by some foes lurking around a blind corner or two. Should I say more... I know I could say a LOT more about it but you really should be downloading and then playing this outstanding level instead of wasting any more of your time reading this review!!! - A World of Quake

ALBA 2  1,060K  07/16/97

The feel of The Road to Inverurie is something else. As you jump into the river and start your escape, it does feel like you are back in Scotland, doing your best to survive so that you can continue the fight against England. The way in which you must find a weapon really works with the theme. The map is visually stunning, set amongst the cliffs and deep blue rivers of Scotland. Grandfather's cottage, the gatekeeper's room and the fort are amazing. One or two other additions to the level through some subtle Quake C coding by Einar work very effectively, such as the drunk gatekeeper, but I won't spoil it for you by saying any more, check it out for yourself. Like Neil's previous works, the theme in The Road to Inverurie strongly comes together, with consistency throughout the level, resulting in thorough immersion of the player into the gameplay. - Den's Den

ALBA 1  1,060K  07/16/97